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Unlike many online fitness businesses, we have an extra level of professional accountability.

This comes from the fact that we are a legitimate fitness business and our coaching head quarters is located within our gym, Adapt Fitness in Hove.

We are not a random one man band that sounds too good to be true, we are who we say we are.

We opened our doors in November 2020 and it's been quite the ride.

No sooner did we launch our gym, lockdown hit and we had to close our doors for the best part of 6 months.

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This is where Adapt Fitness Coaching was born.


To provide an affordable and effective coaching option for our members when they had no option but to train from their homes. 

We have since invested thousands of pounds in to our coaching systems and team education to provide what we feel, is an industry leading coaching service.


Adam Howman

Hi, I'm Adam and I am the lead coach here at Adapt Fitness Coaching.

I have been working as a coach in the fitness industry for over 18 years.

Over the last two decades I have worked with hundreds of busy men and women to help them successfully achieve their fitness goals.

As a father to a young family myself, I know first hand the challenges you may be facing

when it comes to prioritising your health and fitness goals.


Whether you want to drop body, build build muscle or maybe even do both.

I am confident our online fitness coaching programme will work for you too.

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"When my daughter was born I knew I had to do something about my health and fitness.

It was a lot of work and I had to commit to changing my lifestyle, but it was absolutely worth it.

I have lost 18kg in 16 weeks and I am the fittest I have ever been.

Thanks for everything, you have genuinely changed my life." Jatin 38

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